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The Converse Summer Anthem. A soothing song before I sleep. 

Radiohead - Nude

Do you have a song that you consider so irresistible that it can always stop you on whatever you are doing?

Yeasayer - The Devil and the Deed (live at Conan 5/23/2011)


Everything with Lil’ Jon in it becomes (WHAAT) a little better (YEAAHHHH)


Just watch.



Samuel L. Jackson narrates Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. Listen to this! It will change your life! It will also cut right to the heart of any of us who have tried to read a willful child to sleep.

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Nothing here, it’s just Ellen Page being awkward… and stuff. 

GET IN THE BOAT of the Day: A school of Asian carp “attack” a father-sons fishing trip off a freshly flooded Spoon River.


That looks fun. 


I’ve decided I’m going to try to make a new youtube video every Friday for as long as I can. So…. it’s Friday. Here it is. Uke cover of Kelly Rowland- Motivation.

ps. I will love you forever if you subscribe to my yt channel, or even if you reblog this video. I never knew how ridiculously hard it would be to get people to watch my videos and subscribe, but it is. 

Reblogging this because she deserves it. :)


Here We Go Again? of the Day: 14-year-old Lexi St. George, the latest pop music product to roll off the Ark Music Factory assembly line, was “discovered” by CEO Patrice Wilson at a shopping mall casting call sponsored by GMA.

That’s right: Patrice Wilson — the man responsible for inflicting a second Black Plague on unsuspecting Earthicans — was hired by Good Morning America to turn a “regular teenager” into “a star” based on “what [he] did for Rebecca Black.” What could go right?

St. George isn’t all that different from her fun-having predecessor: She’s a shallow, carefree, bubbly Barbie with a Lolita edge singing lyrics like “everyone is here and I am having so much fun” to a tune as generic as a bottle of Sam’s Cola. But she does look like Emma Watson, which never hurt anybody. And she can kinda sing.

“I don’t want people comparing and saying she’s the next Rebecca Black,” says Wilson. “With this project, it’s a bit of a different thing.” By “different” do you mean “won’t make listeners want to leap off tall buildings to their untimely demise?” Because that’s certainly a change I’m on board with.

[gawker / trizzy66.]

Oh. She indeed resembles Emma Watson in some angles.

(Yup, you’re right, I only reblogged this because there’s “Emma Watson” on it)

Ellen Page videos are now my new cute-cat-playing-with-a-ball-of-yarn videos. Yeah, they’re on that level now.